Welcome to Grace

Sunday Worship will also be on YouTube at 10am. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVg5IxFrBd4BDBLWjh9DNUQ

Getting YouTube

You should not need to download anything if using a PC or Mac. If you are using an iPad/tablet or smart phone you will need the Youtube app from the Apple Store or Google Play. If you are using a smart TV you may need to get the Youtube app although it is most likely built in, when there type in ‘Grace Presbyterian Church Christchurch’.

Virtual Growth Groups

If you would like to join a virtual growth group through the week, please contact gracepreschch@gmail.com or Josh Eyre on 0275553766.

Physical Church (please check the above “Important Notice” section for changes to the Service)

Church meetings at the “The Piano: Centre for Music and the Arts” are Back on again and service is back to normal.

The Grace Presbyterian Church of Christchurch is a founding member of the Grace Presbyterian Church of New Zealand (GPCNZ).

We are a community of Christians living in Christchurch, New Zealand seeking to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ so that all peoples might come to know and worship God. We are reformed and evangelical and committed to the full authority and sufficiency of the whole Bible. We believe that hope in life is only found in God, who has revealed Himself to all people through the Bible and through Jesus Christ.

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