Acts 13 and 14

In Acts 13-14  we are seeing God’s purposes for the Gentiles, like gushing torrents, bursting forth onto the pages of History. God has plans to redeem the Gentiles, to offer them salvation. 
We see this happening through Paul’s first Missionary Journey as he establishes and encourages churches all through the Gentile regions he visits. This reminds us of God’s purposes ( Daniel 7 ) to draw many nations together in his Son Jesus Christ in order that they might worship him. On a practical level this encourages us to think about the Church as a visible manifestation of God’s eternal church, here today – with multi cultures, languages and nations gathering together, united by Christ himself. It also reminds us that we are called to promote this kingdom with whatever resources we have, to share the good news and to see the Kingdom grow. 

Acts 13-14

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