Grace Theological College Courses 2018

Grace Theological College has the following courses available March – June 2018 in Auckland, commencing the week of Monday 6th March:
OT204 Survey of the Old Testament (Dr. Peter Reynolds) Wednesday 10am-12pm
PT511 Apologetics and Evangelism (Gareth Jones) Wednesday 7-9pm
PT581 Foundations for Youth Ministry 1 (Gareth Jones) Monday 7-9pm
PT560 Introduction to Pastoral Counselling 1 (Dr. Peter Reynolds) Friday 10am-12pm
NT251 Beginners NT Greek 1 (Logan Hagoort) Thursday 7-8:30pm & Saturday 9-10:30am
PT521 Effective Bible Teaching (Dr. Andrew Young) Thursday 10am-12pm
HT401 Early & Medieval Church History (Alex Robinson) Wednesday 7-9pm
For more information, please visit:
Distance options can be made available.
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