1 Samuel 30 “Doing Justice from a Gracious Heart”

When David returned from a victorious battle, some of the men who fought the fight did not want to share in the rewards of the battle with those who did not fight. David, however, recognizes that victory was given to them by the Lord. Therefore, they would not be selfish and withhold gifts from their brothers. We too must remember to love justice and reject selfishness.


1 Samuel 29-30 “Weeping, Friendliness, & Forsaken”

David had been trying to do things his own way and was not seeking the world. After a moment that felt like victory, David came home to find his home burned and his family abducted. Would he seek the Lord’s help and strength to rescue them? Or would he continue to try and do things in his own power?


1 Samuel 23 “Friends in Christ”

David had spent much of his life running from Saul. He was tired of running, tired of being afraid, and tired of being tired. He needed strength, and it came when his friend Jonathan found him and reminded him of the promises of God. Listen as Rusty digs into 1 Samuel 23 and encourages us to exhort our friends and families in the Lord.

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