Christchurch Marathon Parking

Hi everyone, the Christchurch Marathon is on this coming Sunday, which means there are road closures around The Piano. We will be unable to access our usual car park via car, so you will need to find another car park for this week. I have attached a photo marking the road closures (blue) as well as potentially available Wilson’s car parks (red). Here is a link to the available CCC parking but it seems out of date, . I would recommend the Hereford St parking building which keeps you away from closed roads and is $6 for the day. Please allow yourselves an extra 15-20 mins to find a park and walk to the Piano or plan to come by bus or bike. Thanks


Grace Theological College Courses 2018

Grace Theological College has the following courses available March – June 2018 in Auckland, commencing the week of Monday 6th March:
OT204 Survey of the Old Testament (Dr. Peter Reynolds) Wednesday 10am-12pm
PT511 Apologetics and Evangelism (Gareth Jones) Wednesday 7-9pm
PT581 Foundations for Youth Ministry 1 (Gareth Jones) Monday 7-9pm
PT560 Introduction to Pastoral Counselling 1 (Dr. Peter Reynolds) Friday 10am-12pm
NT251 Beginners NT Greek 1 (Logan Hagoort) Thursday 7-8:30pm & Saturday 9-10:30am
PT521 Effective Bible Teaching (Dr. Andrew Young) Thursday 10am-12pm
HT401 Early & Medieval Church History (Alex Robinson) Wednesday 7-9pm
For more information, please visit:
Distance options can be made available.

New audio format

For technical reasons the sermon recording for 19 November 2017 has been uploaded in a different format.  If you experience any difficulties downloading or playing this file, let us know on